What we do at a glance

Standardise your Data

Migrate your older data sources such as feeds, flat files (CSV, MS Excel, MS Access, etc), and more into SQL database(s).

Data Management and Visualisation - SaaS

Either cloud or On-Premise SaaS to query, maintain, and visualise your data.

Data Management and Visualisation - Fully Customised

If the SaaS products don't meet your requirements, we build fully customised versions in far less time than competitors (and you keep the code).


Time or budget is no longer an excuse for not having a clean architecture

Whether your business needs our full suite of products including data migration and data management, or simply just a set of RESTful APIs for serving content from a database, our automation can deliver most solutions in less than 24 hours and cost significantly less than our competitors.

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"Every company has legacy software. No company likes to touch it. We're a win win."

Rapydly was formed when a software engineer realised that every job he had, every industry he engineered software for, was trying to solve the same problem - We have legacy data and software, and it needs to be migrated. Our software is based on that problem, and our goal is to help companies migrate their legacy data and software to the latest and greatest stack, with the means to maintain and visualise that data.


How Rapydly works behind the scenes


You and Us Discuss

We talk about our offerings in more depth including pricing, signing NDAs, and help you chose the best product(s) and/or service(s) for you.


We Work

Depending on what product(s) and/or service(s) you decide, we do the work and can usually demo within 24 hours.


You decide

After we demo the software, you decide if you'd like to proceed with your new software. No obligations. Pay nothing until you're ready to buy.



Decide on beautiful software

Get in contact for a free demo or quote, and let's build something awesome together.