Who is Rapydly?

Rapydly was formed when a software engineer realised that every industry was trying to solve the same problem – there’s legacy data and software, and it needs to be replaced. Our software is based on that problem, and our goal is to help organisations migrate their legacy data and software without the lengthy development process and high cost.

"Every company has legacy software. No company likes to touch it. We're a win win!"

In 2018, the idea of a piece of software that generated software was born after our Founder built one too many CRUD applications and realised they all did the same thing, and performed the same operations on a database. After working across the world and seeing the same problem over and over again, Robert decided he had to do something about. 

The first version of Rapydly was built and was able to successfully build the C# and React/TypeScript code for an entire Back Office Amin Application given only a connection string to a database. 

With the industry shift to SaaS and less in-house software being developed, we pivoted our core Back Office Builder. Rather than generating the code for a Back Office App based on a database structure, the app would now read the database structure on the fly and dynamically build itself as users needed. Meaning, that as an underlying database changed structure, the app would adapt without needing to redeploy.

Previously only being used for back office applications and CRUD operations, we now tackle front office applications too with the ability to build front office applications in lighting fast time, sometimes even in front of the client!

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